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Safe and Clean Neighborhoods

Our community needs access to better resources and well-designed policies to curb crime, homelessness, unlawful encampments, drug use, and litter. Costa Mesa is our home, and we need to work together to keep the Westside safe and comfortable for our families and our children. We must lead the way to avoid questionable social policies from being implemented in the Westside; we are not a laboratory for drug needle distribution and mobile toilet programs. It is time we enact solutions to problems that, so far, politics have been unable to solve. I pledge to work with our police department and the Network for Homeless Solutions to mitigate and eventually eliminate the issues impacting quality of life. 





    Revitalization will help reduce traffic congestion, decrease parking chaos, and create safer conditions for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. Improving infrastructure also helps support our local business owners by increasing consumer activity and making their locations more accessible. By working in concert with our transportation services department, I will make our streets safer as well as ensure they are repaired and maintained on a regular basis. It is important to devise and implement short and long-term development plans that promote safe mobility and street use for the entire Westside.

Figueredo-Wilson for City Council 2018
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